Quality Dog Kennels personally deliver our dog kennels and please be advised that delivery time is usually between 2 to 6 weeks. This can be longer at busy times. If you requite a shorter delivery time, we can organise a courier to deliver your kennel. This will cost extra and actual cost will be decided by the courier company.
Below is a map showing the UK split into zones which indicate the cost of delivery by Quality Dog Kennels. All postcodes showing in Zone 5 will be quoted when the kennel is ordered.
The prices shown in the zones are priced for Quality Dog kennels to deliver based on MULTIPLE DELIVERIES (not one single kennel delivery). We can do single kennel deliveries ourselves and erect your kennel. Please contact us regarding price for a single delivery.
If you require an outside courier (QUICKER DELIVERY) you will need to assemble the kennel yourself. If you opt for an outside courier or choose the option of quality Dog Kennels delivering with self-assembly, please note that delivery will be made to driveway or doorway only. For more information on delivery options, please contact us. We are open 9am – 9pm, 7 days a week.

If you choose the outside courier option and the kennel is delivered damaged, you must sign the delivery note DAMAGED. If you sign the delivery note and accept the goods but notice damage later, you THE CUSTOMER will be required to pay for the delivery back to us for repairs and delivery back to you.

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